2023 Yamaha Series Information

Many of you may have seen Genesee Valley Kart Club’s (GVKC) Tentative Schedule for 2023. If so, you may have noticed that the Northeast Yamaha Series race dates have been included. Like previous seasons, we’ll race the series once a month starting in June and ending in October. That makes 5 races, of which the best 4 will count towards final series points. This year’s series winner will get at least $200! We say “at least” because the payout depends on money collected from participants through the series so the more series racers we can get, the bigger the pot becomes to pay for prizes. In addition to 1st place we also provide a payout through P5.

For those unfamiliar with the series, the goal is to provide an opportunity to race in larger fields than is normally created at weekly club racing meets. Historically, we have been getting between 13 to 15 entrants, but the potential is there for 20+ just from racers that we are aware of.  The dates were selected in an attempt to not conflict with other schedules. GVKC members and non-members can run in these events, and no one is required to enter for series points to participate in the series race. Those that race for series points will be scored for position against other series entrants (non-series finishers will be omitted). In addition, GVKC members running the series will get club credit for their finish with all non GVKC member finishers being omitted. The entry fee for series points is the normal GVKC entry + $10, All extra money collected goes toward series prizes. A pill draw is done at registration to determine the lineup for heat1. Heat2 is an inversion of the heat1 lineup. The feature lineup is determined by the individual’s combined finishes from the heats – best finisher gets pole, next best gets outside pole etc…. If a tie, best pill draw gets the position. Series points are awarded according to feature finishes.

Here are some basic rules for the series:

Weight – 325lb for 4hole can engines, 380lb for tuned pipe.

Tires –   MG Red or MoJo D2 (D2 available at track at a very good price) 4.5 fronts x 7.1 rears.

Age – 15yrs+Engine tech is done per WKA engine specs.

Top 5 finishers will be subject to race tech. Tech may occur after heats as well as after feature race.
We are running the Yamaha KT100 as a reasonably economical 2cycle platform. Obviously, it is not the latest and greatest 2cycle engine, but they are readily available at prices much lower than more current 100cc engines. We have many members with experience running the KT100 so if problems do come up, there are many resources to draw from. Anyone interested in trying 2cycle karting might want to look at KT100 prices on Facebook Marketplace or eBay – there are often several engines available – some include exhaust, clutch, and/or mounts. There are even full kart setups with the KT100 offered.  Once you see the prices, if you are still interested give John Salsbury (585-three one four-5555) or Rick Martell (315-six seven six-0227) or a karting friend a call to discuss what to look for and what questions to ask etc. They might be able to spot any obvious problems with an offering and possibly even have other options to consider. Inexperienced racers should plan on running a few track days before trying the series. We try to race with respect, but it can get a bit hectic at times! The object is to have fun! If you are trying to learn the track, the engine, the kart, and trying to avoid hitting and getting hit by another kart all at the same time…. that’s not fun!
For questions about the series, Call John or Rick at the numbers shown above. Hope everyone has a safe and successful 2023 racing season.