Race Classes

2023 Classes for the GVKC
(If you do not see a class here but would like to race, we can always accommodate or add classes!)

4-Cycle Classes
Kid KartBriggs LO206 w/ Black Slide .3505 to 8170 lbs
LO206 SportsmanBriggs LO206 w/ Green Slide .4908 to 12265 lbs
LO206 JuniorBriggs LO206 w/ Yellow Slide .57012 to 15320 lbs
LO206 Sr. MediumBriggs LO20615+365 lbs
LO206 Sr. MastersBriggs LO20635+390 lbs
LO206 LegendsBriggs LO20640+375 lbs
Blue Plate JrSealed Animal w/ Blue Plate8 to 10250 lbs
Gold Plate JrSealed Animal w/ Gold Plate11 to 15275 lbs
Sr. Animal LightSealed Animal15+325 lbs
Sr. Animal HeavySealed Animal15+375 lbs
Sr. Animal MastersSealed Animal60+375 lbs
Sr. OpenModified (just about anything you have)16+350 lbs
Fuel: 87 ethanol (additives such as octane boosters, oils, or other performance enhancers are not allowed.)
Sealed Animal classes will run non-ethanol.

LO206 Classes: LO206 classes will run Vega VAH Reds. Junior/Senior run 4:6 Front, 6:0 Rear tires.
Sportsman/Kid Kart run 4:6 Front and Rears. LO206 follows Briggs and Stratton/CKNA guidelines.

Sealed Animal Classes: These classes are CLUB classes only provided and run by Rich Gamrod. Sealed Animal
classes may run MG Reds, Bridgestone YLC, or Vega Reds
2-Cycle Classes
Kid KartComer 50cc5 to 7150 lbs
2-Cycle SportsmanKT-100 (gas/oil) Small Carb/RLV 4 Hole Can Exhaust8 to 12235 lbs
KT-100 (gas/oil) Large Carb/RLV 3 Hole Can Exhaust
Vortex Mini Roc 60cc245 lbs
IAME Mini Swift 60cc250 lbs
Comer 80cc225 lbs
Yamaha JrKT-100 (gas/oil) Large Carb/Can Exhaust12 to 15310 lbs
Tag JrIAME engines12 to 15320 lbs
Jr KA-10012 to 15310 lbs
Yamaha SrCan: KT-100 Large Carb/Can Exhaust15+325 lbs
Pipe: KT-100 Large Carb/Pipe Exhaust380 lbs
Tag SrNKA Tag Rules16+360 lbs
SR KA-10016+370 lbs
Shifter125cc Gear Shifter15+380 lbs
Tires: 2-cycle classes will run MG Reds 4:60, 6:00 or 7:10. Only 2-Cycle Sportsman may run LeCont Red. KA/Tag
classes are open tire.

Fuel: VP 98
Oval Classes
Jr. Clone IIIMust comply with AKRA Box Stock Clone Rules12 to 15320 lbs
Sr Clone LightMust comply with AKRA Box Stock Clone Rules15+330 lbs
Sr Clone HeavyMust comply with AKRA Box Stock Clone Rules15+375 lbs
Sr Clone Super HeavyMust comply with AKRA Box Stock Clone Rules15+400 lbs 
Tires: Open tire, NO prep.