Practice rained out today 6/29

Avon- rain & thunderstorms during day, big unavoidable system, no time for track to dry. Tomorrow may have light drizzle at start, but will dry & ready to race!

Those curious about last Sunday: some areas got little or no rain, Avon had more. Track cams: raining 12:15, pooling 12:30, 1:30 still pools & raining more. 3:00 worse pooling- racing wouldn’t have been possible. Best app I’ve found for very localized predictions: Weather Channel, paid version, 72 hr future radar. Can pause & manually scroll each hr, will show map & weather that hr. Check frequently up to track day as can change with time. See everyone Sunday!

NEW: OPEN JULY 4th for OPEN PRACTICE– Some interest in July 4th practice, so will open 9AM, engines at 10.