Opening Day Results

Unfortunately only 1 feature made it out before the rains came. However, as per the rule book, since all heats were completed the finishes for the remaining features will be awarded based on the expected starting position of the driver.

Senior LO206-
1- Trentin Frederick
2- McAndrew Gamrod
3- Matt Bamford
4- Landon Richmond
5- Alfi Vaughn
6- David netherwood
7- Bryce Feldmann
8- Jonathan McCarthy

Senior LO206 Legends-
1- Adam Swift
2- Ralph Alexander
3- Art DeVries

Junior LO206-
1- Jordan Cline
2- Tristan Searl
3- Joey Cline
4- Alex Raccuia
5- Jenna Barnard
6- Panagiotis Kolokouris

Sportsman LO206-
1- Alex Masci
2- Zavrina Frederick

Junior Blue Plate-
1- Mason Allen
2- Jacob Bamford

Senior Animal Light-
1- Riley Schirtz
2- Derek Fuoco
3- Dana Derby
4- Christian Peck

Senior Animal Masters-
1- Dave Martell
2- Harlan Lipshutz
3- Ed Van Schaick

Senior Yamaha-
1- Rick Martell
2- Mike Heinsler
3- Justin Decker
4- Torin Gleeson
5- Kyle Bryant

Senior KA-100-
1- Caleb Crandall

Senior TaG-
1- Aidan Pecora

Kid Kart-
1- Levi Shepker

** Please Note **
Results only show Club Members, as only Club Members score points. Any racer is welcome, however to be included in the points you must be a member.