2022 Annual Membership Letter

My goal is to provide a safe, fair, and fun race day to everyone. The main thing I ask of you as a driver is to have respect for each other on the track, for your safety and the safety of others. GVKC is a great facility where families and friends can spend a fun day of racing together! We all play a small part to keep things fun, keep the place clean, and a reason we have been going since 1959!

Get $10 off Adult, Minor, and Spousal Memberships if it is mailed in by April 15th. Mail payments to: GVKC 560 Middle Road Caledonia, NY 14423. Any checks are made out to GVKC. Forms are available on our website,at the track, or by the link below. All members are required to fill out a form, even if they are in the same family. Minor forms are required as well but will be signed at the track. By being a member you pay ‘member’ fees on weekends. Drivers members will receive points for each race weekend. If you have the required amount of races for the season you will be eligible for year end awards and trophies. Only members are allowed to rent the track during the week for a fee. New this year – Minor Memberships!

2022 Membership Form is here:

● Adult Memberships: $110 per person.
● Minor Memberships: $60 per person. Any minor signing up for a membership MUST have an adult signed up for full membership as well.
● Spousal Membership: $60 – This is a membership for a spouse of a full paying adult member. Spousal membership does not count as an adult membership with a paying minor.
● Gold Membership: $600. is for those who want to take advantage of unlimited track rentals Monday – Friday. Gold Members must still let us know when they want to rent the track ahead of time and must have one other person present. No one is allowed to rent the track by themselves for safety and insurance purposes. Gold Membership does NOT cover practice, race fees, and pit passes

Saturdays are for open practice and Sundays are race days. If you come for practice on a Saturday you need to go out with a group and be aware of who is on the track. NO juniors and seniors together. Kid Karts are only allowed out with other Kid Karts. We ask that you do not just open the gate and go out freely. There may be a new driver on the track that is getting their practice in and may not be comfortable yet with other karts out there.

● 24 race weekends. Must have 10 races to be eligible for year end trophies

● Count the best 12 races; once you have 13 races we will drop your lowest score, 14 races we will drop your two lowest, etc.
● ALL classes will run the configuration that is marked down for each weekend and are available to view on the website.
Configuration 1 – original layout – turn 2, into the s turns, and around the oval.
Configuration 2 – turn 2 into the s’s and up through the smaller monza,
Configuration 3 – turn 2, straight, and then right up into the small monza (no s’s).
Rookie School – Saturday April 23th. Begins at 9am. We will go over safety, basic kart maintenance, driving etiquette, what to expect on a race day, and get some track time to go over starts and get practice in. All rookies need 3 practices before racing. Rookie School will count for one, we have open practice Sunday April 24th and Saturday April 30th. Sunday May 1st will be our first race day. There are two practice rounds before racing and may count as practice time as well. All Rookies need a visible X on the back of the helmet for the season and must start in the rear for at least your first three races.
● Yamaha 5 race series: June 5th, July 17th, Aug. 14th, Sept. 11th, & Oct. 16th
The cost for entering a race is $10 + normal entry fee for that day. Tires are MG Reds and if you are interested in purchasing them or have any questions you can contact John Salsbury at jasals@aol.com or 585-314-5555
● June 9th-11th: Vintage Antique and Historics Event. No Practice on the 11th.
● July 2nd & 3rd we will be closed for the 4th of July holiday.
● July 28th – 30th: Annual Vintage Karting Reunion, No Practice the 30th.
● Oct 22/23 – Last Weekend of racing. Closing Weekend. Bring candy for kiddos to trick-or-treat in pits.
● Annual Year End Banquet – November 19th @ Jack’s Place (Chili Country Club)

For 2022 Season
New This Year: All driver fees will be $40 regardless if you race Oval or Sprint.
Registration: I ask that you get signed in when you enter the facilities before parking. If we catch someone in the pits without a wristband your driver will be disqualified for the day, no excuses. You know you are coming to a track and there are signs on both gates that you need a pit pass beyond that point.
● There will be NO parking along the upper road because of trailers coming and going. If you park in the back corner be considerate of how you park because of that reason as well. And any extra big trailers must pit outside in the smaller grass area past registration. (non spectator side) Any extra vehicles from friends or family please park outside of pits.
Track Rental Rules: If you want to rent the track you must let us know ahead of time with how many people and who. Track rentals are for 4 people, 2 drivers at a time on track. Everyone else must pay accordingly. You may not rent the track alone as a driver and you must follow all safety/track rules as normal. Failure to let us know who is coming or failing to follow rules will result in penalties.
● Reminder: We can’t have two karts be the same number in a class. New scorekeepers might not know the drivers, or need to hand score, and will be unable to know who is who. If you end up having the same number as someone else, the 2nd person that signs up will be asked to change your number. Your kart must have visible numbers on both side pods, the front, and back number plate.
● Transponders are MANDATORY for all drivers. Make sure you fully charge your transponder if you have your own. If you do rent one from the club you will be required to leave your license in exchange. The club has a few brand new TR2 Kart Transponders that come with a one year subscription. It is
the newest transponder and easily manageable via Bluetooth and Speedhive App. You will get the transponder, the charging base and the transponder holder for your kart. Save and purchase one from us for $130! First come, first serve. If you do not have your own transponder, the fee to
rent one is $10.


● The 2022 Rulebook is posted on our website.
Corner Flagging – We have posted looking for help this year but haven’t had any commit. Therefore it will be up to the members to help flag when it is announced. If you would like to flag but unsure what to do you can let us know and we will help get you trained. You also must be 18 and over.
Golf cart: The golf cart is not allowed on the track at any time when there are karts running on the track. If a kart broke down you must wait until the track is clear.
Scalehouse: You must go across the scales after both heat races and feature! Someone else must check your weight. If that does not happen and you leave you will receive 0 points in that race. If you do not weigh, the tower must be notified immediately to access any future lineup/points. Being underweight is
being underweight even if it is 1 pound so make sure you weigh! If you go off the track early for any reason before the race is over you must still cross scales and be checked.
● Before your first race you should get your kart teched and stickered. There will be no weekly pre-techs this year. There is the NKA Safety Tech Sheet on the website (under Information → Forms) that you can look over and get an idea of what to check yourself. You are the one ultimately responsible for looking
over your kart
. Brake tether cables are mandatory on karts!! And make sure all your lead is affixed accordingly to your kart with the correct weights and bolts. Please make sure you have a fire extinguisher and first aid kit in your trailer!

● Trophy Call is held after racing at the podium. Top 5 will be named, Top 3 receive medals. Everyone will be named at trophy call whether they are a member or not, but when it comes to points all non-members become invisible and members move up accordingly. All spectators are welcome to attend and come into the pits after racing is done for the day. Kid Kart will be announced as they finish but all receive first place points (if member).
● Please do your part of keeping the grounds clean. Pick up any zip ties or trash. DO NOT leave any tires or gas cans behind. There are 3 oil dumping stations that you can use for your used oil.

Help Wanted
We are looking for corner flaggers, a designated person to check weights in the scalehouse and make sure everyone weighs, and a pit marshall for people that don’t have wristbands or check in before driving on the upper road, and making sure trailers/cars are parked accordingly.

Work Day Help
Saturday April 9th and Sunday April 10th we will have work days to help get the track ready for the season. There are just a few things we need to do like getting debris off the track, raking grass around track, pit area, and spectator side, cleaning and placing out garbage barrels, and clearing out leaves along barriers/fencing around the grid. Bring your gloves, and any tools you might find helpful for cleaning the grounds up. If you have any questions please email Sam Polito @ sampolito@rochester.rr.com or
John Salsbury @ jasals@aol.com.

If anyone or any business would like to help the track by being a sponsor please greg.netherwood@gmail.com for further info! We are always looking for sponsors so we can help give back to our racers! We offer different levels from billboards to class sponsors! Click for more info – Sponsorship Levels I am looking forward to seeing all of you! And if you have questions feel free to email

Darla Frederick