Week 8 Results – 6/26/2022

A few of us were wondering if thunderstorms would pop up in the afternoon, or if the oppressive heat might make things tough this week. And while the heat sure did put us all through our paces, the rain stayed away and allowed us to have one heck of a week. Fantastic racing throughout all classes kept all eyes glued to the track all day!

Also, Derek Palmer was in town again and caught some amazing shots yet again! Check out his gallery here, and buy a print or two to help us encourage him to return!

This weeks results:

Sportsman LO206-
1- Alex Masci
2- Zavrina Frederick
3- Ethan Hart

Jr Blue Plate-
1- Mason Allen

Jr Gold Plate-
1- Jackson Lazarus

Junior LO206-
1- Jordan Cline
2- Joey Cline
3- Tristan Searl
4- Alex Raccuia
5- Jenna Barnard

Kid Kart-
1- Levi Shepker

Senior Animal Light-
1- Jonathan McCarthy
2- Dana Derby
3- Kurtis Kracke
4- Derek Fuoco
5- Chris Jones

Senior Animal Masters-
1- Rich Gamrod
2- Dave Martell
3- Ed Van Schaick

Senior LO206-
1- McAndrew Gamrod
2- Trentin Frederick
3- Matt Bamford
4- Landon Richmond
5- David Netherwood

Senior LO206 Legend-
1- Ralph Alexander

Senior Yamaha-
1- Rick Martell
2- Jake Simmons
3- Justin Decker
4- Mike Pagano
5- John Salsbury

Dont forget we have next week off for the 4th of July weekend!